Announcing the Addition of a New Searching Function for the Open Badge Wallet

Thank you very much for using our service.
Starting Thursday, July 21, 2022, we will add a new function for searching open badges to the Open Badge Wallet.

Function specifics:
You can search for the open badges disclosed by other users from the top of the Open Badge Wallet page.
You can also check the list of open badges disclosed by each user from the searched recipient information.
This function will enable you to search for skills you need to acquire next from your open badge.
Further, you can check what kind of open badges those who hold the open badges you need have in their wallets.
If you do not wish other users to search the open badges you hold, please set those badges so they are “unavailable for disclosure.”

In adding this function, we have partially revised our user regulations.

We will add other functions to the open badge to support our users.
We appreciate your continues interest and patronage for our services.